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SparTechnik Handelsgesellschaft mbH:  - We are a wholesaler company and also a B 2 B mail-order service.
We are specialised in high quality accessories for PDAs, Pocket PCs, Mobile Phones, Battery packs and GPS Navigation solutions.
As our business concept is based on small and effective structures, we are capable of making fast decisions and reacting quickly. It`s our highest target to satisfy our customers by offering the highest quality standards. We perform on the market as retailers and also offer direct marketing.
SparTechnik HGmbH
please contct us:
Tel: 0049 7062 669376
Fax: 0049 7062 977897
Mail: OKaempf@spartechnik.de

Our range of GPS goods contains the folowing GPS receiver - all with the most modern GPS Chip Set from Evermore and Sirf

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